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"Wolong 2" war skill book use and get Raiders

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"Wolong 吟 2" game in the game, the horse skill book can change the general combat skill of the horse, there is a lot of use, then today Xiaobian will introduce you to the use of the Wolong 2-horse skill book use and get the Raiders, do not need the small partners need missed.

"Wolong 2" war skill book use and get Raiders

The exclusive war skills of the war cannot be replaced, but General Battle skills can be used by the horse skill book, washes different effects and different grades of war skills. Skills after washing, you can choose to reserve or replace it.

Therefore, if we encounter a good horse with a good skill, we can wash the universal war skills below the horse as a battle class, so that after the military commander is equipped, the practical effect will be higher.

Notice! General Battles can be washed from low-level, but it is also possible to wash from advanced to low levels. Everyone must see the replacement.

In addition, although some war skills are low, the object itself is more suitable for equipment, and it is also possible to consider replacement.

If the exclusive anti-skill effect of the horse, we can use the universal combat skills, use the war horse skill book, after all, the internal government martial arts will not be arranged in the troops.

So what are the channels for the horse skill book? We can break the horse's skill book by breaking the horse, and can participate in the Western Malaysian event, or you can contribute to the military skill book in the Legion Shop Legion (requires the military management to the shelves).

The above is "Wolong 2" war skill book use and acquisition of Raiders, more game Raiders please continue to pay attention!