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"Battle of the Golden Shovel" Neon Night Law Enforcement Tipping Raiders

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After the neon night version of "Golden Shovel Battle" is updated, many players don't know how to play, then today Xiaobian will introduce you to the gold shovel shovel, neon night law enforcement to play Raiders, don't miss it.

"Battle of the Golden Shovel" Neon Night Law Enforcement Tipping Raiders

The core of the lineup is 4 law enforcement, 4 law enforcement skills to open an enemy control of the enemy in a round of the enemy, 3 seconds, although the control time of the new version of the law enforcement is 3 seconds from 4 seconds, but this is determined by this 3 seconds. Whether the law enforcement is the front row of the opposite row directly, and the startup is fast = the brochure is fast. Therefore, the lineup 4 law enforcement is critical.

Composition of lineup: female police, Surzhuang Ni, Miss Yun, Yuli, Zeng, Current, Ze Li, Jess

Paramid:: 4 law enforcement 1 Enemy 1 future 4 神 2 Precision 2 Fight

Hex strongly (must): + 1/2 law enforcement, + 1/2 God, God transfer, 神, pearl lotus, real ruling

Hetry "(selection): Hunting Larity, blessing, back row

Miss Crear: electric knife + hat / law + killing

Deputy C: Transport door

Tanksei Zhuang Ni: Madman + Antifun + Dragon Teeth + Stone Sticker

Equipment Analysis: Miss Emperor is a motor knife. Miss Uri-Games is aid of AOE magic damage. The role of electric knife in the early stage is to use special effects to hurt. The post-role is to give Miss Wums to the Miss Miss. The second equipment hat and the law are similar, high law strong compares to eat demons, the last equipment is priority, you can play a small number of drawings is also a good choice.

Tanksei Zhuang Ni traditional 3 meat dress, mad armor, anti-arm, dragons, stone statues, ion sparks These equipment are casual.

PS: In the late period, Miss Urijun does not have 3 stars, and the equipment is prioritized to use 2 star Zyei. Zhuang Ni did not have 3 stars, equipped with it.

The above is the "Golden Battle" neon night law enforcement to play the Raiders, more game Raiders please continue to pay attention!