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Zhizhi to make a flower shop boss

real teen faith real teen faith

Sayed that most people yearning, I believe that many people have such a picture in my mind: I have a flower shop, at 9 o'clock at 9 o'clock every day, from 6 o'clock in the afternoon, daily and flowers are accompanied by boring. Just travel, there is no guest, you will hold a book, this life is very beautiful, it is also very quiet, in the twelve zodiac, which zodians are the goal of this life, determine to be a flower shop boss. ?

Belong to a cattle: I like to be a flat life. They will not chase what fame and fortune, and I will not have more ambitions for my life. I'm going to be their biggest wishes, and they are not expected. The good luck will fall on himself, they think that open a flower shop in the street, with flowers every day, is the most expecting life.

Belonging to rabbit: The heart is purely a rabbit people's mind is very simple. They are thinking of being a type, that is, they will not affect their character because some external factors have affected their character, because they belong to rabbit people, they It is best for a flower shop owner. It is also very interested in this occupation from a small child. If they make them run a flower shop, they must have a good result.

At the horse: Advocating the romantic horses admire the absolute romance and sentiment, although they have expected others to bring romance to themselves, they are the horses in their hearts. Some things can only give themselves. So it is a horse, I would rather open a flower shop, I will send a bunch of roses today, picking a hundred in the same way tomorrow, so they can live in the most comfortable life.

Dog: I like to serve the dog. The reason for the dog is very simple. They are very easy to serve the love service. When others receive flowers, they will feel that they are loved, they are dog people. I like to see that someone else receives a smile that blooms on the face, and also likes to send flowers, they are full of people, they also serve their warm people.