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The office is expensive to the wind and water layout, avoid the beam

real teen faith real teen faith

If you want to work smoothly on your work, if you can get your noble, you will be the blessing of many people. People who don't just do business need your people, and if you can get your own life, there will be certain changes to your life trajectory. Through a certain method, it is possible to recruit you.

How to create a self-help office

Opening, raising a pot of boom in the office can improve your luck, if you still have a role in the right, because you have the meaning of pressing the supervisor on the right hand, let you fight the person who wants to discuss, free from intangible mental stress. Recruitment, I suggest you wear a purple or purple energy zircon jewelry, if it is a circular shape, because purple crystal stone has the energy magnetic field that encompasses people, with a successful shape, more emblem, living, for you Neglodes that are unpacking ten-party nobles, wearing and their magnetic fields can not only entertain people, but also help you avoid small shoes behind them.

How to meet the help of the renovation

In the decoration of the office, don't necessarily be a criminal top, this is a taboo that made a wind shining. If the beam is crushing, it will easily destroy the magnetic field fortio. Long-term suppression is not helpful, and the fortune is very repetitive. Once the feng shui is affected, it will compress the people's magnetic field. It should also be rely on behind, behind the refers to the solid wall in Feng Shui, behind the seats, the airshument, not only leading to the lack of sense of security, but also makes people's fortune and impermanence, it will be easy to press The people's magnetic field, if it is often sitting on the seat, it is also a sense of security, which is conducive to the prsunces.

Which office feng shui will let your people stay away from

The desk is covered with trash can, which mainly includes desk, office desk, etc. in the desk. Because in the wind and water life, the left side of the desk is the Qinglong position, if you accidentally put the garbage bucket here, you will naturally respect you. So don't be sinful because of some unpatisfactory small things, you can't get lost.