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These five major zods have become fragile for one to night.

real teen faith real teen faith

I have said that I have said that I don't want to send a circle when I am deep in the night. Otherwise, you will regret that I have said that I have said last night, and the content. In fact, sometimes things don't be so beautiful, but there is no such thing we think. As long as you stick to it, everything has passed.Twelve zodiacThe following five zodiac in the middle are particularly fragile for one to night, and the super need for comfort.

Mouse: Write a diary written diary for people who must do every day. Take a summary of your life experience today and you will column for yourself what you want to do tomorrow. If you write a diary, you are too quiet when you are deep in the night. Get special fragile, one sentence, or one word may make them feel sad.

Belonging to rabbits: The reason why people who are afraid of the night belong to the rabbit are particularly fragile because people who belong to rabbits are particularly afraid of black. They don't want to stay in a place where there is no light. Because black will make them feel special loneliness and helplessness. So one to night, they look very fragile, very poor look, as if you need a person to guard.

It is a chicken: I am afraid that the loneliness is a man who is a chicken. The most fearful thing in this life is to let them stay alone in the room. Even if you are in your own home or your familiar, you will be in a space alone, you will feel that you don't feel comfortable, even afraid to have can't help but cry. Therefore, they are also very afraid of the evening, and it becomes particularly fragile one to night.

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