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"Absolute interpretation" Yin Siyuan intensity analysis

real teen faith real teen faith

"Absolute Interpretation" game, Yin Siyuan is a new UR card role in the new line. Many players want to know how her strength is, then today Xiaobian will introduce you to the absolute interpretation of Yin Siyuan intensity analysis, do not need a small partnermissed.

"Absolute interpretation" Yin Siyuan intensity analysis

As a flat emotional UR master C, her performance is not so bright; the main reason is that the essay score of everyone in the previous period and the upper limit of emotional point are generally not high, and the addition is really not directly plus performance, so many peopleAlways think she is a waste card.However, in the medium term, the player's practice has reached a relatively high situation, Yin Siyuan's role will gradually play out ...

The above is "absolute interpretation" Yin Siyuan intensity analysis, more game Raiders please continue to pay attention!