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"Noah's heart" mysterious treasure how to play mystery treasure game Raiders

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How does Nova's heart mystery? There will be a lot of mysterious treasures on the map in Noah's heart. Many small partners are not very clear how the mysterious treasure is available. Let's introduce you to you.

Nova's heart mysterious treasure how to play

[Mysterious Treasure]

First, you need to attack the elite on the world map and the monster camp to get a dirty hibiscus, then start the task of the treasure map through the treasure hunt task, so get a variety of rewards (PS: attacking elite noble can not 100% to get Tibet treasure The figure is a chance to drop).

Click to start running the running loop, attack the five rings, and each level exploration task is different. As for the option, you can choose a high-level definitely a choice, you can't pay back to choose the intermediate exploration area, did not make a task captain Will get rewards, followed by teammates to join assisted, teammates can get rewards.

Primary Exploration Area Task: Dialogue with NPC, then get the base division of the level.

Intermediate Exploration Area Task: Make black stone challenges to complete the lucky points for 10 points +10.

Advanced Exploration Area Tasks: Black Fangshi's mission, you can invite teammates to assist in rushing monsters, and complete 10 points +15 fortunate points.

TIP: Explored black square mission is the black stone that has been done, so it is very simple to decrypt.

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