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What is the large-scale volcanic eruption? 200 million years ago, the earth's giant change is available for(3)

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The results show that the two profiles of the Junggar Basin and the Sichuan Basin in the East Asia are also displayed in the Junggar Basin in East Asia and the two profiles of the Sichuan Basin. Indicates that volcanic eruption has a huge impact on mercury and carbon cycles. Second, the chemical weatheral index and the kaolin content showed a significant increase in the vicinity of the mercury enriched layer, which reflects that the strength of the chemical weathered in this period is significantly strengthened. In addition, the study found that the Junggar Basin located in the high latitude region, the strengthening of the chemical ventilation effect and the peak of mercury concentration occurred almost simultaneously; and the Sichuan Basin in the medium and low latitudes, the chemical weathering intensity increased lag in the peak of mercury concentration 200,000 years. This shows that the chemical weathering intensity caused by volcanic activities is increased faster in high latitude (similar to the "high latitude amplification effect" of today's episode). Finally, scientists use model analysis, showing strengthening terrestrial ventilation, which has a very important regulation of atmospheric CO2 at the time.

The study also found that the enhanced chemical weathering continued about 2 million years, which is consistent with the results of the carbon circulation model, that is, after the carbon release event, the reduction in the atmosphere is reduced. These data also indicate that during climate warming, high latitude continental environment is more sensitive than low / medium latitude regions. (The picture is provided by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Nanjing Geological Biology Research Institute)

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