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What is the large-scale volcanic eruption? 200 million years ago, the earth's giant change is available for

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About 200 million years of late three superflatant global ancient map. Pentagars represent an ancient location of two profiles in China's Junggar Basin and Sichuan Basin. The circles and squares indicate the sea and the land-karamonomic record profiles have been reported. CAMP represents the scope of the China University of Atlantic.

Haojiagou section in Junggar Basin, Xinjiang

Sichuan Basin Xuan Han section

According to the Science and Technology Daily (Reporter Zhang Wei): Recently, Tonga volcano has splendid and causing public attention. So, if there is a series of shortings like Tonga Virgins bring what results? The reporter learned from the Nanjing Geological Biological Biological Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the latest research results completed by several research institutions in China, "three stacked Ji - Jurassic's vanity: enhanced mainland chemistry and carbon circulation" in "natural newsletter" "Published.

The study shows that in the three stack of Jurassic (TJ), the large-scale volcanic activity is all over the world; the volcanic eruption not only causes large-scale biological extinct incidents (the Sheng Sheng "five One of the subtleties is one of them), and it is also the main cause of land weathering and carbon cycle fluctuations.

The researcher of Wang Yongdong, Nanjing Institute of Ancient Chinese Academy of Sciences, told reporters that this volcanic eruption mainly occurred in nearly 600,000 years, forming large-scale magma deposits across North America and adjacent the United States (referred to as Pangu Mainland). Volcanic activity has emitted a large amount of light carbon isotope and methane gas in the atmosphere, causing a negative phenomenon in global carbon. The increasing atmospheric CO2 and other greenhouse gases have caused climate warming, oxygen lack of oxygen and seawater, which has caused the mainland chemical ventilation of Jurassic.

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