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"Nature Communications": Chengjiang Biological Group Perched in the Delta Environment

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"Nature Communications": Chengjiang Biological Group Perched in the Delta Environment

According to the Ancient Biology Research Institute of Yunnan: Beijing time, March 23, 2022, 18:00, International Famous Academic Journal "Nature Communications" (Impact factor 14.919) published the title of Yunnan University Ancient Biological Research Key Laboratory Ma Xiaoya Team Research papers for "Chengjiang Biological Group Perched on the CHENGJIANG BIOTA INHABITED A Deltaic Environment). The team's foreign doctors, Farid Saleh and the Jinchang Assistant Researcher, Farid Saleh and Ma Xiaoya researchers, for common custom-communication author, other participants including Nanjing Institute of Geological Biology, Saskatchewan, Canada, Switzerland University, University of Canada Multiologists in the University of Leicester, England. The paper is open source free download:

Eastern Yunnan Province, Eastern Yunnan Province, Chengjiang Biological Group is the oldest animal fossil group known to date, with approximately 51,800 million years. Since Yunnan University Hou Jinguang researcher has first discovered Chengjiang bioqual in 1984, the fossil biological group has produced more than 250 fossils, covering 18 animal categories, including a variety of sponges, stabbed, wrist, worms, arthropods, etc. , Even the earliest vertebrate (fish). In addition, different from ordinary fossils, the somaties of these animals and their fine structure are specifically stored in the normal mudstone of Chengjiang bioquipment, such as the old arthropod, nerve, cardiovascular, and Eye fine anatomy structure. Therefore, Chengjiang Biological Group is an important record of Han Wu Ji's outbreak, showing a complex ocean ecosystem-led complex marine ecosystem-led multi-cell animal early in the early days, providing a unique window for the origin and radiation evolution of early animals.

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