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How high your love package capacity is

real teen faith real teen faith

Do you know how to accommodate others? How high is your love package capacity? If you want to know the answer, follow the small series to test it!

If you walk to the woods, what will you encounter?

1, animal

2, the people are full

3, fairy

4 people

Test Results:

1, choose "animals"

You are a person who doesn't love to lose your temper, so it is easy to get along. The love of your favorite is gradually brewing. You can accommodate everything, even if the other party is wrong, you don't want to quarrel with him. But one flavor swallow, may fuel the other party to the foot.

2, choose "native people"

You are good at communicating with people, there is a lot of experience in love with you at first sight, love. Your tolerance for lovers, is actually a challenge to experience people who experience different character. This kind of love, seems to be more confident and proud, be careful.

3, choose "Fairy"

Although you indulge in a completely self-esteem, this is also your charm, you also realize that this is very long, so it is also proud. So you will never communicate with people who are different from their own character, and the requirements for lovers are also very strict, and you will absolutely dismissed.

4, choose "people"

You are a person who is sticking to the regular, will not have a loss of losses, and will not happen. You will also ask your lovers to you from one after another, so you are a person who is very narrow in your heart. Someone will have it.