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What does it mean by dreaming of others

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Modern people face a variety of pressures, so we are common in the news to see the report of others to jump off the building, and such things will happen even by our side, it is also possible to appear in our dreams. So, what do you mean by dreaming of others jumping?

Dreaming to see what others jumpedDreaming of others jumping, indicating that the dream of dreams can be, and the workplace performance can be recognized by leadership.

What people who dream of different identities do not expect anything?People who go to school dream of others jumping, meaninging less ideas, and trying to work hard in the admission edge. People who do business have dreamed that others jumped, and the representative could not stand, it should be resolved or re-organized. The people in this year dream of seeing others, meaning that they are often misunderstood or doubt, and everything is not annoying. The people in love dream of seeing others, explaining the wish, there is integrity to get along with marriage. Pregnant people dream of jumping others, predicting giving women, winter, men, cauting abortion, exceeding the expected date. The people who travel will dream of others, and it is recommended that it will stop in the rain. The people who started to see others jumping, not partnership, being blocked, there is a change, it is unfavorable.

Dreaming of someone else jumpingDue to diligence and successful development, the famous profit is undoubtedly. (But I am afraid of personality, the geographical is the number of fierce, then the incapacity of Yi Sheng family, and then the heavens and theater are the same, will fear good, there must be one day of failure). [Zhongji]

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