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"Gold Shovel Battle" variant How to make a variant of Xiwei lineup

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How does the Battle of the Gold Shovel Treve? The battle of the gold shovel shovel is the lineup of Shiville as the main C, so how does the variant Hiwivier match? What equipment should you choose to choose? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

Gold shovel shovel shovel

First, lineup

1, chess pieces

Cassindin (1), Erelia (4), Reyk (2), Kugauz (3)

Hiville (4), Kazk (4), Casa (5), Malzaha (3)

2, embarrassment

7 variation 2 fight 3 strike 1 giant image

3, Hethers recommended

Preferred: Mutation +1/2, Crusher, Strike OR Scholar +1/2

Alternative: The back of the back row / strong, the hunting limit, the star bless, unstable variation

Second, the equipment recommended

Main C: War Goddess - Hiville

Mutation turn: Gold shovel + negative tack

Core equipment, combined with super adrenal degeneration, addition, let the wheel mother is flat A.

Make a fire cannon: Strong Bow + Strong Bow

Ensure the output environment and attack speed.

Endless Blade: Storm Sword + Boxing Gloves

It can be replaced by drinking and giant killing.

Deputy C: Void Prophet - Malza (ghost book, blue buff, suction gun)

Morelo's secret: useless big stick + giant belt

The ghost book is necessary, there is a law, and the blue into the blue is not need to deliberately find the god.

Excess equipment: Output is installed to Casa, Dragonfly, Skirt, and meat fit.

Third, operation gameplay

Previous operation


The opening of the game first grabs the gold shovel, and the mutation must be turned, no gold shovel is not recommended. Can take a strap bow, a storm sword and tears.

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