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"Moore Manor Mobile Tour" frosting tree seeds Get Raiders

real teen faith real teen faith

The frost tree seeds in the "Moore Manor" mobile game are the props materials for new lines. I believe that there are still many small partners who are not very clear. How to get it. The following small series brings "Moore Manor" mobile game frightening tree seeds to get Raiders, and interested friends to see.

"Moore Manor Mobile Tour" frosting tree seeds Get Raiders

[Get Raiders]

The seed will be on the season store after two weeks.

[Annual Footprint System]

Moore Annual Footprint System is online! Small Mole After completing the front task unlocks the annual footprint, you can view the footprints of each month through the task!

After the clue is looking for footprints, after collecting the point of bright footprint, you can receive this month's reward! The footprint that is not lighting this month will disappear at the beginning of the month! Grand Prize !! Nai Moore don't miss it!

The above is the "Moore Manor Hand Tour" frightened tree seeds to get the full content of the Raiders, more game Raiders please continue to pay attention!