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"Smoke River Jianghu" sentenced speed password king play Raiders

real teen faith real teen faith

Many players in the "Smoke Rivers" game want to know how to fight the sword, then today Xiaobian will introduce you to the smoke rivers and lakes, the speed of the Jie King is trying the Raiders. Don't miss it.

"Smoke River Jianghu" sentenced speed password king play Raiders

Jian Wang Pavilion, 400 Sword Repair can be introduced, it is recommended to be the intermediate station in the process of judge.

Personal suggestion: Crouch is later in the middle of the sword

Reason: Now, there are not many things, but it is undoubtedly a good place to accumulate swordsmanship. Daily wood share can also be used. Because it is a high-end mission, the basic task is basically 90 small blame, the war is not enough, but it is good to have the knight and Wang Jian not chicken ribs, each has its own characteristics, suitable for middle-late swords Lord refore.

Strong characteristics:

Wu Xue: Bolle Sword, the signature man passengers (the number of blood volume is less than 5000, if there is a chance to kill), the normal output is added to the BUFF, like the knife

Kirin Jianjing, front row with flowers, attack, big tricks

Inner strength: Jian Wang Jing, plus sword law power 10%, take the initiative to return blood plus BUFF (like Xiao Li's drunk as a song)

Light Gong: Happy Tour, add 5% combo counterattime, decrease the number of people on the court, burn, dodge, free of injury BUFF

The following is a specific idea:

1. The Jianwang is basically a middle and late, so this Raiders will introduce the sword.

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