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"Battle of Golden Shovel" Hettle Reinforced Blue Battery Effect

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The battle of the gold shovel shovel is about to go online S6.5 season neon night season, many small partners want to know what the new version of the sea-enhanced blue battery is. Today, Xiao Chuan brings "Gold Shovel Shovel" The battle "Hex strengthens the blue battery effect list," Interested small partners come together to see it.

>>>>S6.5 Hettlement enhancement list

"Battle of Golden Shovel" Hettle Reinforced Blue Battery Effect

Blue Battery 1/2/3

Hex Grade: Baiyin Het

Het Effect: Your players will reply to 10/20 manifests after casting skills. .

Introduction to Hex Enhancement

1. Provide a variety of powerful results for lineups, thereby changing the way the game.

2, can strengthen hero, provide additional gain such as a range of range.

3, can strengthen lineups and embarrassment, provide additional health and attack power for specific 羁 英 羁.

4. You can change the strategy mechanism, such as gold coins and free store refresh, additional installation equipment, etc.

The above is the full content of Xiaobian 's finishing on the "Bad Shovel Battle", and more games, more games, please continue to pay attention!