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Founded in Inner Mongolia Ningcheng Tao Tao Tuan Di Mid Jurazza Flower Bud - Jurassic Bud

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Left: Fruits connected to stems and buried in the rock (arrow) in the rock. Right above: Fruits connected to the rod. Right figure: Flower buds exposed after repair. (Wang Xin is map)

According to the Chinese Science (Cui Xueqin): Recently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the scientists of South China Agricultural University cooperated in the "London Geological Society" to discover the flower buds of Jujube in Ningcheng Tigogou in Inner Mongolia. Juar buds.

"The fossil discovered compared to the fossil materials previously discovered have an advantage of alternative, the Jurassic bracket not only has a flower bud, but also a trace of the branches, branches and leaf fall behind." I. Wang Xin, a researcher of the Nanjing Geological Biological Research Institute, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told the "Chinese Science Information".

Studies have shown that stems of the Jurassic buds are different from any naked plants known. The Jurassic Bud is directly connected to its fruit. If the other is saved, the two will be considered to be different plants according to the operation procedures of ancient plantologists. Both of the Jurassic buds broke people's understanding and made people carefully.

Botanyists believe that the most prosperous plant group quilt plants in the world are beginning to 130 million years old. Based on Chinese scholars for the research of Central German fossil materials, this statement is debatable, because in China and German Passenger's trace of quilt plants and their flowers. This academic controversy has made many theoretical issues, and it is necessary to further study Jurassic plant fossils to test the wrong mistake to solve the relevant disputes.

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