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"Underground Castle 3" redemption code March 26th to exchange code list

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Underground Castle 3 redemption code March 26? In the underground castle 3, enter the redemption code can get a lot of rich rewards. So what is the new exchange code on March 26? Next, Xiaobian brings everyone to the 3-soul of the underground castle on March 26, I hope to help everyone.

Underground Castle 3 redemption code March 26

First, March 26th redemption code

Today's redemption code:Decisive battle

The redemption code update time of the underground castle 3 is uncertain. Usually, except for holidays.

Second, the redemption code

Real-time update exchange code Daquan

Third, how to use

1. Log in to the game first.

2. Avatar in the middle of the game main interface

3. After entering the settings interface, select "Redemption Code" in the right.

4. Paste the founded redemption code.

The above is about the total content of the Soul 3 Soul of the Underground Castle, I hope to help you play. More game-related content, players can pay attention, will have been given mobile games to players!