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Do you want to go to the height?

real teen faith real teen faith

Do you want to go to the height? Test start:

topic:If your colleagues you can get a promotion opportunity, but you don't, what do you think?

A, envy and hate, TA must have a relationship to upgrade fast

B, incorporate Ta in the blacklist of the opposite head, keep demonstrating that you are more powerful than TA

C, TA must have a place I deserve to learn, continue to work hard.

D, it will inevitably be a little frustrating but will adjust the mentality

(This test has a total of 1 small question, please continue to see it down.)

Test results analysis:

A, running 50 points

You don't have too high score capital, but it is not a low point. You got this score, basically alone in the work, although there is no other tip, it is also the ability to have the ability. And your character is good at communicating, so there is a lot of people in the industry, these advantages provide you with a lot of job hopping capital. If you can carefully identify, you will find better work than now.

B, tap capital 40 points

You often have a feeling of nothing, always feel that you have a better development. However, this is also a bit self-righteous component, and the good working attitude you have is the basic requirements of the workplace, and your skill level is also a general level. Want to change the status quo by hopping, it seems that it is not realistic, Xiaobian thinks you still do a good job in hopping. In addition, the people are your soft ribs, you need to do this in this area.

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