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What kind of occupation is the most suitable for O?

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When the O-type person chooses to work, according to their own blood type characteristics, find out the right work, don't blindly follow the style, suitable for others' work is not the best for them.

As a result, the occupations suitable for O-type people include: politicians, diplomats, lawyers and other social workability, management, research, technology, skills, accounting, plan, advertising, marketing, and general affairs. In fact, the O-type can compete for most occupations, no matter which field, O-type people can quickly enter the role, and it is possible to maintain average level of grades, and may become a leader in the team. figure.

The O-style calls rain in the career, and it is unfunction with its diligent personality. For the work sent to them, even if it is daunting, the O-type will not give up easily. They can overcome difficulties with the natural and hardship spirit.

If you evaluate from the results of the work, the O-Type is more prone to other blood stylists, and contributes to be considerable. O-type people are not afraid of difficult, how to deal with personal relationships with groups, is the inspection mark that the O-opener can maintain it in a group. If there is another good assistant, the O-type can become a successful manager.

O-type people are not up on the status quo, do not like dull work, always eager to progress. In addition, the O-type is too simple, meticulous and trivial work, and it is not easy to generate interest and enthusiasm for the lack of competition and stimulus, and it is not easy to make interest and enthusiasm. .