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Dream of plums

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Dreaming of the plum, I got this dream, the five-line main wood, but the emotion has a sign of the rumor, even if there is a feeling of love, but the two people are not proper, the household is wrong, the two feelings are different, there is no sum This is an unjiji, the spring dream is unlucky, and the autumn dream is unlucky.

In the extent of the people's dream, go to the southeast, the cause can have a sign of good luck, go to the northwest, there are more people in the main business, and everything should be cautious, and this dream and a monkey is a monkey. People, jointly ask for money, rich in wealth.

Single woman dreams, although smart, it is impatient, more emotional things, treating everything is treated.

People who have lost love are unfavorable, and the opposite sex is quite obsession, and several ships, marriages are uncertain.

Dreams engaged in the construction of wooder engineering, real estate development and other workers, Muke Turning is a wealth, and asking for money is a matter of self-propelled, it can be good luck.

Engaged in clothing, cosmetics and other workers dream of the plum, seeking more affected, many small people around, or have a significant competition, the front road risk.