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The character of the eyebrows and the mall response strategy

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Generally speaking, the human eye is strong, with leading customization ability, more powerful in the development of career, easy to achieve achievements, female eyebrows are too strong and persecuted, and the eyebrows are active. Personality is more uncomfortable, don't want to live a flat housewife, but if she can make her play well in the workplace, I believe it is my husband's hardship assistant, so I am very helpful.

Such as the black eyebrows of crayons, representing this person has arrogant tendency, self-intelligence is stronger, treating people is not good enough, but this kind of human heart is not deep, the sexual rate is straight, there is a good person, no matter what he In which class, he has been very active. But if the eyebrow is over, this kind of person has a tendency to be self-centered.

People who eyebrows can choose to make a little eyebrow, as long as the eyebrow is still complete, then slightly remove the hair removal, the focus is to remove the eyebrows on the eyebrow bone, which looks like a hundred times, beautiful.

The personality of the eyebrows is:

1) Positive and emotionally dominant, it is rational and willing. They are people who are brave enough in business.

2) Wellness to work and love. Have a strong sustainable, high-quality desire is strong. So they are a more good person in the business world.

3) Selfish, stubborn, alone, but there are many disputes in interpersonal relationships, and often have contradictions and disputes in business and people.

4) The eyebrows and rich people, although the ambition is high, the instrument is large, but there is no abundant mood to enjoy life, and the whole day is busy.

In the mall, you should take the following ways:

1) Learn, reach a cooperation through rational persuasion, do not expect him to make something in emotional agent.

2) Pay attention to sharing some of the happiness of life, build friendship in the pleasure.

3) Pay attention to its self-private, gentle nature, not to hope that he can make any sacrifices for others.

4) Pay attention to his conflict in the business community.