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The most disappeared of your own zodiac!

real teen faith real teen faith

In this dangerous society, the more real people are more dangerous, because too many of the 尔 虞 我, the real thing will only be used, so we all need to learn to make yourself, protect yourself, reduce yourself Injury, then you know who is the most camouflage in the twelve zodiac, let's take a look: These most disguised their own zodiac!

Belly rabbit - camouflage reason: naturally in the city

It is said that the rabbit is three, so the rabbit is a very embarrassing animal. The people who belong to the rabbit are more sensitive, be good at observing the situation around, in order to protect themselves, they can learn how to disguise themselves, from the adults A set of people after learning people in the body, can't see their inner heart from the surface, they are quietly conducting their own plans, and they are also very good at watching the lies of others, but they don't know anything!

Monkey - camouflage cause: I like eight sides of exquisite state

Monkeys are a very active and sensitive animal, and those who are monkeys are also active, they are still very savvy, they will have a lot of things, so I always know what attitude to put it more, more I really like eight exquisite yourself, because such survival skills can always be in a favorable status, so such as a monkey monkey, can not be confident, and it is best to keep suspicion!

Mouse - camouflage: Just habitually hidden

The mouse is an animal that is used to action in the night, because the dark night can make them safer, so the people who are rats are very lack of security, they need to disguise their own, protect their secrets, not so It is easy to hurt, secretly hide all the bad sides, but I like to explore the secrets of others, so there is some sinister sinister, be careful to get your secret! (over)