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The topic about the epidemic composition is faced with the epidemic.

real teen faith real teen faith

Many friends are interested in how we should write in the face of epidemic diseases. However, many people will ask that if the epidemic starts tomorrow, we must understand the composition of the epidemic at the WeChat class meeting. Today, the editor will analyze this composition about the epidemic at the WeChat class, hoping to solve everyone's inner doubts. Let's take a closer look at this topic about this epidemic.

In the face of epidemic, how should we write? The theme of the composition that can be written in the epidemic is: influenza composition.

1. Covering wild animals and prohibiting slaughtering.

2. Faced with the epidemic, the Chinese people can unite and use love to love China as their theme. because

3. The theme of medical staff is to sacrifice themselves for others, dedicate selflessness, and move the whole country.

4. People obey the party's instructions and help prevent the spread of the epidemic. They can focus on trivial things in an epidemic environment.

Don't be afraid of cold winter, because warm spring will always come, and a group of people are warming us. We are celebrating the New Year, but they are helping us through the border. Isolation virus is by no means isolation of love. In order to fight against this epidemic, we unite and let us work together. We must survive the winter of the virus! Write an article about flu.

The theme of the epidemic constitutes: Does the epidemic start from tomorrow? If the school starts after the long holiday, I am very excited to hear it will start tomorrow.

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