real teen faith

Master Feng Shui, what are the most stylish girls who are born with the most style?

real teen faith real teen faith

1. Our mouth

The cherry mouth is the first of the prerequisite for traditional beautiful beauties. The top priority of our mouth is not only a A, depending on our appearance, the white luster is red and tender. Girls with such faces are emotionally filled with wisdom and reasonable feelings, which will attract many friends of the opposite sex.

2. Peach Blossom Eye

Girls with such faces are often silent in their eyes. They are clear and beautiful, beautiful and generous, and they will be fascinated by tens of thousands of people. Looking at this kind of girl will be attracted by the love in their eyes, and a spark of enthusiastic love is generated in an instant.

3, crescent eyebrow

The curved eyebrows show the curved shape, and the side of the eyes is long and long from the eyes. This type of eyebrows are called crescent eyebrows. Girls are perfectly pursued by the other party.

4. The appearance of the auricle is clear

People with a clear appearance of the auricle have a relatively stable work. Women have the aura, which makes people feel trustworthy, making men very easily obsessed with her. luck.

5, goose egg face

Girls with goose egg face are more confident in emotional expression. The ideal face can leave a deep impression of happiness. In terms of visual vision, the observer causes a pleasant impression, so it will be loved and pursued by many people.

6. The tip of the nose is upright

The rich nose is rich in wealth, congenital economic development brain and wealth work ability, and life has continued. People who have a straight nose mean glory and wealth. This kind of lady not only succeeds in work, but also has a seductive power at home to pay attention to her husband.

7. The forehead is open and the lower jaw is complete

The front forehead is full of mandibular. This kind of blessed face, girls with such faces are congenital and good, and they are in the world. After walking with peach blossoms, it is relatively prosperous. After having the overall goal, you do n’t love it. It is a trustworthy person who has always been obsessed with men.