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Where is there a fortune teller in Kunming? What are the methods for eight -character marriage?

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What are the methods for eight -character marriage marriage

Regarding the marriage of both men and women, there are mainly the following methods that exist:


The most common thing is to see that it is incompatible. Even people who do not know about the eight characters will look at the phases of both parties when they get married. But the problem of whether the relationship is combined with or not is a factor that absolutely affects marriage. So if someone tells you that the two of you will kill each other, then this person is ten or nine, and only the human yellow, only know the fur. Because the belonging is incompatible, it is just a place that is not cooperated with the personality, but as long as other information is matched, it is not harmful to the part of the phase. After all, there are always two people in life in life.

Regarding the issue of belonging to each other, there are ballads:

The white horse was afraid of green cows, and the sheep and rat will meet each other. Once you rest,

The snake saw that the tiger was broken like a knife, and the pigs met the apes and monkeys.

Long Feng Rabbit went to the clouds, and the golden chicken saw the dog tears.

2. Nianzhu Na Yin Five Elements

The five elements of Na Yin are a way to get married. It cannot be completely veto, nor can it rely on this to look at the quality of marriage. For example, a Na Na Yin is a fire in the sky, and it is also happy to launch the water; Therefore, it is not advisable to rely on the marriage of the five elements of Na Yin.

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