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What is the zodiac zodiac signs and zodiac chicken without fear

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As the twelve zodiac signs of traditional Chinese culture, one year old and a Swiss beast is the mascot of everyone. The zodiac culture has penetrated into the corners and aspects of life. For example, our wedding matching, zodiac fortune, zodiac character. In addition, the zodiac hardcore knowledge is also talked about. Let's take a look at what zodiac signs do not fear in danger?

Dangerous is not afraid of zodiac tiger and zodiac chicken.

The following is a specific analysis of the zodiac signs (guessing the zodiac signs)

Said 1: We know that Haiyan often flew on the sea before the storm came. We can think of chickens in the same outline from Haiyan. This comprehensive analysis can be a zodiac chicken.

Said 2: When we encounter crisis from the interpretation of the danger and not fear, we are not afraid of "the tiger can be associated with the tiger, and the tiger's courage is very fearless. From this analysis, it can be tiger without fear.

Don't be afraid of guessing a number

Guess the numbers from the strokes that are in danger. "Lin 9 Pen," Dangerous "character 6 paintings, no" character 4 paintings, "fear of" character 11 strokes, 4 characters in total is 9+6+4+11 = 30. Therefore, it is not afraid of guessing a number at 30.

Zodiac sorting of the twelve zodiac signs and zodiac culture

1. Sub -rat: From 23:00 midnight to 01, the orientation belongs to the north. In November of the lunar calendar, the five elements belong to the water. It belongs to Dongxiao, Hongxiao, Chess Xiao, Ye Xiao, Di Xiao, Yu Xiao, Plum Blossom, Freedom.

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