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Historical legend of the Mid -Autumn Festival in 2022, Diao Chan worshiped the moon, Jade Rabbit entered the palace

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There are many legendary stories in the Mid -Autumn Festival. For example, in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, Di Situ Yun's righteous daughter Diao Chan should have the appearance of the country, and when Diao Chan worshiped the moon, the moon hid in the clouds to leave a beautiful beauty s story. Closure the moonlight describes the beauty of the woman, and Diao Chan finally participated in the conspiracy of the North Korean regime as a courageous woman.

Historical Legend of the Mid -Autumn Festival in 2022

People like the Mid -Autumn Festival because they are related to the moon. In ancient times, people always like to worship some god beasts, and there are some scenes of nature. The moon is one of them. Reference basis, the point is also the main point of the Mid -Autumn Festival, according to the lack of the moon and the moon. According to the long -term worship of the moon in our country, and the history of celebrating the harvest can be calculated. The arrival of the Mid -Autumn Festival is a festive celebration of our crops.

Jade Rabbit of the Mid -Autumn Festival

People like osmanthus, the moon likes Chang'e, and naturally likes it. The Yutu legend is the most common scene in the Moon Palace. In the Mid -Autumn Festival, there will be a more beautiful jade rabbit lamp. It is made into the shape of a rabbit. A small lamp is placed in the middle. It is very beautiful like holding a little rabbit. The reason why there are rabbits in the Moon Palace is because the legend has become an old man, asking for help from all things in the forest, but only rabbits are willing to give up their own righteousness. The fairy was moved, and the rabbit was brought to the Moon Palace.

Feelings of the Mid -Autumn Festival

The Mid -Autumn Festival is the same as other traditional festivals. It develops with different meanings and emotions. Every traditional festival has its cultural heritage, as well as historical backgrounds, and our understanding and development of this cultural history, and the Mid -Autumn Festival is a kind of obsession with reunion. We have seen the customs of watching the moon to send love to the present. We express our thoughts of our hometown and family members by worshiping the moon by watching the moon.