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The congratulations of the wedding newcomer said to the newcomer to marry the newcomer

real teen faith real teen faith

May Day marriage is already a normalized phenomenon. Giving blessings to marriage is the most basic operation, but wedding blessings are not enough to match or spoof. Refer to the collection of the congratulations of the newcomers below, I hope it will be inspiring to everyone.

Blessing of the congratulatory collection of wedding newcomers 1. May lovers in the world eventually become dependents. Newly weddings! A century of good!

2. May you both entangle each other with love, be considerate and care for each other, and share the future suffering and joy together. I wish you a century -old good concentration.

3. Cherish this love, such as cherishing the treasure, gently walk into the temple of emotion, and feel the wonderful time of every moment.

4. The highest state of love is relatively insatiable. I wish a pair of newcomers sincerely love each other, and meet the eternal congratulations to the newlyweds!

5. You are born with a pair, a pair of land, and today, we need to be tolerant and take care of each other in the future to bless you!

6. Today is the day when you are happy. I congratulate you on behalf of my family. I wish you two happiness and forever!

7. Happy newlywed, early birth! I wish you all the time, a good one -year! Happy wedding, sweet and sweet! Husband and wife are so loving!

8. Tuo Qingfeng's sincere blessings allow Liuyun to give sincere feelings; every night, the air is full of intoxicating sweetness. I wish my dearest friend, in the future, love the river forever!

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