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real teen faith real teen faith

What is the life of the birthday, what life is fortunate

The god of food sitting is positive seal: Great good, honest, can be praised by everyone (the characteristics of the positive seal of the god of food, the help of the nobles, the business of business is good, and everything goes well (the positive seal is the elder of the nobleman. exist…

When the Eight Characters kill the Grand Canal, you should not see the partial seal. Can be chemical. When you do n’t see the partial seal, you have the system for killing the stars. When the eight characters are in the prince of the Grand Games, they will be respected and trusted. The relationship between colleagues is harmonious, and wisdom can fully play. The heart is wide and blessed, but if you encounter a punishment, you will be stubborn and unprepared, poor in memory, slow response ability, suffering from being framed and suffering. You often look at a doctor with weak your body.

The most accurate person in the eight characters

The financial position should be bright, not dim, and bright. The financial position should be shown or light, which is greatly helpful for removing wealth. The so -called "life" refers to lush vitality. Evergreen plants should be placed in the financial position, especially the golden Ge, rubber trees and Brazilian iron trees with large or thick leaves; however, pay attention that these plants are planted in soil. The wealth should not be planted with sparrow cactus plants, otherwise it will be clumsy. Because the financial position is the position of a wealth of wealth, it should be used. For example, when the sand is distributed in the financial position, when a family is sitting there to rest and talk about the sky, it can be contaminated with the wealth there, and it will naturally be a wide house. In addition, it is appropriate to put the dining table at the financial position, because it will benefit a family.

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