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In 2022, where is the characteristics of the summer solar term that represents the summer solar terms

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The hot summer, high temperature in summer, will improve after the summer of the summer. During this summer, we can feel a lot of changes. For example, during the summer, the temperature of day and night will change significantly. People in the northeast can feel a trace of coolness. People in the coastal areas can also feel the changes in the sea breeze. The temperature before sunrise will be lower.

In 2022, the summer summer represents these

As one of the twenty -four solar terms, it must have its truth in it. The summer time in 2022 is: August 23, the Gregorian calendar, July 26th of the lunar calendar, Ren Yinnian, Wu Shenyue, Wu Shen Day. In the summer, it means "summer", which means to leave with heat. At this time, the Sanfu has passed or near the end, and the hot early autumn will end. The arrival of the summer heat also means that the second half of the month of the sanctuary calendar. Summer is a solar term that reflects climate change in the twenty -four solar terms. Therefore, at this time we will see that it is normal to start preparing autumn clothes on the street.

Introduction to the characteristics of summer solar terms

Different solar terms, our temperature characteristics are different. Starting from the summer, the trend of gradually declining temperatures is further significant. Yuan Wucheng's book "Moon Order Seventy -two Passion" said: "Where, stop, the summer heat stops." Summer, mid -July. Here, stop also. The summer heat stopped here. At this time, we must prepare more autumn clothes and dress ourselves.

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