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A person's name often reflects two philosophical issues, one is "Who are you?", The second is "What kind of person do you want you to be?" But the second is an objective factor. Most of the names are It is given by the parents, so this is what kind of people who parents want their children to be a person, so the name reflects the parents' expectations for their children, so I hope to give their children a fashion name, and you can refer to the following content.

[1] How does the boy named Chen named?

01. Named with the homophonic of Geely, the Chinese are very particular about Geely, so when you give your children a name, you can use the words with auspicious meaning to name it, such as using auspicious homophonic characters to name. The name of "Feng Yuan" in the idiom "Feng Yuan" is "Feng Yuan", which means that they are handy and very smooth. Parents give their children this name, and they also hope that all children will go well. There are also idioms "Splendid Future" that can be named Chen Jinxiu.

02. Quoting the name of the boy's name, the classic literature is the cultural treasure left by some literary masters, and the use of classic literature to name the boy is to select the words in the idioms of the ancient poetry and words. For example, the name Chen Chaowen is taken from "The Analects of Confucius", "Chao Wen Tao, and the death can be died."

03. Adopting the popular four -character naming method, the names of the four characters are very popular today, and at present, the four characters are small, and there are not many names. If parents want their children's names more fashionable, then they can give their children a four -character name, like one of the popular TFBOYS members, Yi Xi Qianxi, is a four -character name, not only nice, but also the meaning of beauty And the boy surnamed Chen can start Chen Yuan Mingxi, which is a combination of his father's surname and mother's surname.

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