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100 points are so good to hear the name of the explosive boy to see which one do you like

real teen faith real teen faith

As the saying goes, "People have sadness and joy, and the moon is full of yin and clear." There are no perfect things in the world. When many parents named the newborn baby, they hope to get a 100 -point name for their children. In fact, they don't need to be so perfect. As long as the parents feel good, it is 100 points. Let's take a look at how to give the boy a good name of 100 points.

Men's naming skills: (01) Refer to the name "Chu Ci" and reference to "Chu Ci" to name the boy. Moreover, the poems in "Chu Ci" are relatively strict for the rhythm, so the names selected by the boy will also be very rhythmic, read well, and can also show the deep cultural heritage of the family. The verse in "Chu Ci" is beautiful. The name is named from it.

(02) Pay attention to the choice and matching of the name of the name words. If the boy's name can be nice, then everyone should try to choose the words with inconsistencies to match the tone. In this way, the rhythm of the name will be rhythmic and read well. At the same time, pay attention to avoiding the consistency between the names between the names, otherwise it will be strenuous. Reading the name will make the people around you feel good, which is conducive to the children's interpersonal communication.

The nice male baby name: 1. Ran Ran from Du Fu's "Chengdu Mansion" in the Tang Dynasty, "Noisy metropolis, blowing flute Shengchuan." The interpretation boy is excellent. Morality: Qiyu is extraordinary and infinite meaning.

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