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"Street Fighter Duel" Ji Dao Kenye Skills Introduction(2)

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Company move 2: Tornado whirlwind inverse

After the teammates exert a combo 1 or an ultra -consecutive move, they activate it; sprint behind the enemy's reverse continuous kick, causing high attack damage to the scope target.

The main damage skills of the extremely affordable damage will cause multiple stages of damage to the scope target; after the upgrade, it will reduce the effect of adding additional hits and reducing toughness after the upgrade.

Super Consultation 3: Passionate Whirlwind Kick

[Limited by Lin · Limited]: Lin attribute teammates to perform continuous moves 2 or super -connected moves; continuous kicks cause high attack damage to the scope target, the last blow is the effect of the additional damage improvement effect of the friendly side, the effect of the additional damage improvement effect

The core skills of the extreme way will cause a lot of damage to the enemy, and at the same time the effect of adding damage to the friendly forces; after upgrading, it will increase skill damage and increase friendly damage bonus.

Nirvana: Extreme fluctuation boxing

To launch qigong waves, after touching the enemy, it becomes a slow flying qigong wave, causing multiple blows to the scope target, causing high attack damage.

The extreme damage skills will cause multiple blows to the enemy within the range; after the upgrade, the number of strikes and damage can be increased, and the probability of adding dizziness and toughness to the enemy at the same time.

The above is the whole content of "Street Fighter".

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