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"Street Fighter Duel" Ji Dao Kenye Skills Introduction

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In the arcade duel game, Ji Dao is a master of fluctuations who are about to go online. Many friends are still unclear what his skills are. The following editors will introduce the extreme skills of "Street Fighter". Interested friends, let's take a look.

"Street Fighter Duel" Ji Dao Kenye Skills Introduction

S Ji Dao Ken attribute: Lin

Settings Affirmation: Very meaning to fluctuate, break the prevention and damage

Passive: Extremely fluctuating

After the start of the battle, it broke out at the same way. During the period, after multiple blows, the enemy was reduced to a certain percentage defense. If it failed to complete, we all dizzy for a certain period of time.

The passive passive can greatly reduce the defending of the enemy combatant, but at the same time, this skill also has a double -edged sword. If it fails to trigger, it will dizzy our fightingists; after upgrading Fang Fighter defense.

Capital: Strike

Caused a recent goal, which caused a certain percentage attack damage and obtained the nirvana energy.

[Lin Yin · Support]: The combatant takes effect when supporting the position; when we cause silence or dizziness, the effect of adding toughness to the target is reduced.

Company move 1: Shenglong kick

After the teammates exhibit the killing; kick the scope target, causing high attack damage.

The extreme control skills will hit the target and cause damage; after upgrading, it can increase the damage, and at the same time, it has the probability that it will add weakness and dizziness to the enemy.

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