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Dream of iron nails

real teen faith real teen faith

Dreaming of the nail, I got this dream, five lines of maintenance, is the symbol of Gengjin, Tongda, can have to wear all the wealth, and others are sincere, life is more good, and the autumn dream Geely,The spring dream is not unwell.

In the exemption of the people's dream, we will seek money in southeast, and the career is more entangled by villains. Going to the northwest.

Single man has this dream, even if there is noble person to help, it is not anxious to be in a time, the nail in the dream is a symbol of the character, and it is difficult to succeed in the career.

Middle-aged women have this dream, although there is noble person who helps, but should have some idea, do not have the idea of self-proposition, such as self, it is difficult for the fortune, and life is not smooth.

The elderly dream, respiratory disease, lung disease, and aggravation, this is not happy.

I have to work in financial, financial management and other workers, and the fortune is connected, the cause is prosperous, but the eyes are unique, and there is a calm work.