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What are the arrangements of the office lucky ornaments?

real teen faith real teen faith

It is the most important thing for the company to make money. Therefore, many of the office will place some lucky decoration, expect to bring strong fortune, and can also play a beautiful decoration, then you know which plaques are on Feng Shui Can a fortune, what unique meaning is there, let's take a look below.

Place the gods to make a fortune

The Five Worship God of the Lunar New Year is the traditional customs and culture of our country. It will also integrate today's fortune; it is also one of the people's most popular offices to make a fortune, of course, there are many, different places, and the industry is different. Two kinds of civil and military gods. It is a well known to the wealth of money. Wealth is divided into Zheng Wealth, Hengfang God, Wucai God and other feng shui. The Hong Kong Qixing Tang is recommended for you to make a fortune, the composition of this ornament is the literary god and the winning boy, meaning the financial resources rolling. God gods are the fairy that is in the world. Anyone who wants to make a fortune, must get a blessing of God of Wealth, so if we want to get wealth, you need to offer money to God.

摆 貔貅 貔貅 财

In the folk 貔貅, it has always been a kind of winner of luck. People also call this beast as four unlike. There is a record in the Qing Dynasty. If you want to let the thief, you can place the 貔貅 貔貅 in the home house. The folks have such a legend, divided into male, male representative fortune, lucky fortune. The female represents the financial deputy, keeping money. Therefore, in the office, the wind and water ornaments are placed in the office, you can play our treasures to prevent leakage. This type of pendulum is: the wealth of wealth, the female will be lucky. Therefore, it is a lucky in the office.

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