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"Original God" Shen Yanhua Yongfu team recommended

real teen faith real teen faith

"Original God" game, the god of God is about to go online, you can match the Shenlihua + Coral Palace Heart Sea + Maple Wanli + Shenhe Composition Yongzhu, then today Xiaobian will introduce it to you. The original god of God, Huahua Yongfu team is recommended, and the small partners who need it should not miss.

"Original God" Shen Yanhua Yongfu team recommended

Configuration: Shen Yahua + Coral Palace Heart Sea + Maple Way Leaf + Shenhe

The current strongest permanent sewage team, the heart of the sea is hanging water + high milk volume, which can be taken from the dragon / Qianyan injury. Maple Wan Leaf Delta + Increase + Decaplation, the importance does not have to say more. Shen He first increased the ice, the gods, the gods can be directly filled with the multi-stage injuries of Shenhe, perfect fit.

[Next alternative]

Coral Palace Heart: Replace with "Mona, Barbara, Row Qiu".

Maple Wans: Alternatively uses "Weidi, Sugar".

Shenhe: Replace with "Roshalia, Diona, Ghang Yu".

The above is "the original God" god, Huahua Yongfu team recommended, more game Raiders please continue to pay attention!