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When the confession is rejected, can these three constellations be friends with each other

real teen faith real teen faith

We will like a person for various reasons. It may be a look. It may be a simple care, which will touch our sensitive heart and slowly put this person in our hearts, and bravely confess to them to fight for happiness for themselves. When the confession is rejected, if it is nothing but the line of clearing the boundary, let's take a look.


Everyone in Leo's personality should have heard. They are very good. Whether in emotional or at work, they have always been fighting for strong and unwilling to fall behind. In this little thing in love, they will also adhere to their position, lose people without losing, and absolutely defend their dignity. Therefore, once they fail to confess with their favorite objects, they cannot be friends with them. They will only silently think that you do n’t know the goods, and then do n’t get old and do n’t have to be friends with them.


Scorpio will not easily be tempted to others, only very good talents may open their atrium. When they were moving, they changed their indifference and ruthlessness, became extremely positive, and used all efforts to fight for their happiness. They will never confess to others easily, so when they are determined to show that their minds but are rejected, they are a very big blow to them. They don’t want to touch the scene. It will only reduce the contact of the two people to hide silently.


Gemini can always maintain an open mind to look at the world, and the same to people. They are good at discovering the flashing points of others, and they are more likely to fall into love with other people's hearts. Vaguely, implicitness is not their style, boldly confess that they are not afraid even if they are rejected. Gemini people are open -minded and not so easily injured. He feels that it is not bad to be rejected, but the other party happens to not call, so he will make friends with each other very generously.