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King Arthur Knights Legend Balin how to play

real teen faith real teen faith

There are many characters in "Ultimate Navy: Ber Feading Ship", and the skill mechanism of each character is different. Among them The achievement will disappear, and the skills will appear.


前期隐身是两格内没敌人才可以,而且放技能会现身,现身后会有奇袭加成,这个加成也只能走两格,超过了加成消失,隐身那个不带监视效果, That was the enemy who didn't see you and was attacked by the opportunity next to you.

In the early stage, there was no equipment. Generally, he jumped, and there were two particularly extraordinaries behind the enemy. Then he opened the hidden and walked behind him to cut him. He was explained by the bonus of the strange attack and the bonus of the back thorns.

You can find "Log" in the lower right corner of the business interface and there is a game mechanism in the game. You can see the specific details of various states.

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