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Do a dream, seeing school is being opened, or a nameless noise

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Dream of going to schoolKiyin Index: 77

Dreaming of going to school, Ji Zhao, life will happiness.

Dreaming to school, it may be due to your recent life pressure, and letting you think of the day of the school in the dream. You are eager to live like a day in school.

Students dream of being opened and will get a reputation.

Dreaming that others are being opened, meaning that you will sincerely help students.

Dreaming of going to school is expelled, unstable investment will bring you the risk. Today you have to step up with these investment projects. It is recommended that investment scatter can reduce the role of risk, don't put all eggs in a basket. In terms of love, there may be some processing methods can't be understood by lovers, give more patience! In addition, economic strength is easy to make you fantasy!

Dreaming of going to school is expelled, according to Zhou Yi five elements, the auspicious color is black, the lucky number is 3, the peach blossom is in the direction of the Positive East, the financial position is in the southeast direction, the lucky food is a taro.

Today, there are about 6,660 people in the world world, dreaming of going to school is being opened. If you dream of being expelled, if you buy a lottery ticket, it is recommended to purchase the number 18.

Dreaming of going to school is expelled: there is a lot of confidment of father, or care for cultivation, easy to develop, and meet Antai, although there is no shocking achievement, but it can be smooth and gradually stretched. [Da Ji Chang]

I dreamed that I was touched by schooling: "Yi" should pay attention to the details, I should eat less than the night, should look at the moon. "Avoid" avoiding low-signs, avoid going around the zoo, avoid contacting old friends.