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The 12th Zodiac is embarrassing how it is

real teen faith real teen faith

In life, we always encounter a lot of embarrassing scenes or embarrassing things, so how should it be to deal with, and specially tested a person's random power.Some people will retreat very witty, and some people will pay more and more black, and people want to cry without tears.So let's take a look at today, in the end.Twelve zodiacWhen you encounter embarrass, how is it round?

Mouse: Pretending, I don't know where silently walks the mouse is a kind of person who is a relatively high emotion, so they will handle burst.If the mouse is suddenly encountered with others, then the mouse is definitely not going to get together, that is simply a knife to others, only those talents who don't have eye will do this.The mouse will only be very natural, and the silently walks away, it seems to be immersed in his own world.Never let yourself be in the embarrassment, will not let the other party feel face.