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What is Nie Xiaoyu incident? 3 minutes and 25 seconds flow out (multi-person exercise is false rumor)

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There is a lot of net red, many female net red body is very good, causing many men to sought after, but people red are not much, some shake women's net red is exploding a lot of indecent video, these indecent The video is actually not these red, which makes people unclear the truth, many people still don't know what Nie Xiaoyu incident is.

What is Nie Xiaoyu incident (video)

Nie Xiaoyu is a high-feet of net red, because the body is very good, so he is deeply loved by many men, and some of her showed the video of many people, but recently spread online. The video about her multi-person movement, but these videos are false, not Nie Xiao Yu himself, but a false video, just to smear Nie Xiaoyu, satisfying some of the nauseaful YY.

In fact, Nie Xiaoyu has always been a very pure route. People are also a pure girl, but the youth people have difficult to cover their charm. Even if she is not deliberate to show her figure, just take some hot video, they will make many People feel tempting, thereby visible to their charm, but many down-to-flow people think that she is only in the Internet, and it is actually a person who is still again. This idea is incorrect, Nie Xiaoyu is not such a person.

Nie Xiaoyu is playing live because of Su Yan out of the mirror, which makes her lose a lot of fans. Many people think that when she lives, she is different, it is a person in a table, which leads to many People expressed dissatisfaction with her, and they have removed powder. This is no wonder, after all, the current net red live broadcast, most of them are beautiful filters, and Su Yan has made many people feel discomfort, but this also shows the sincerity of Nie Xiaoyu.

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