real teen faith

2022 Anyang epidemic disease prevention and control tagline latest inspirational talk

real teen faith real teen faith

1, all of them do not stay at home, not be affected by the invasion of the disease. Everyone walked out of the house and felt the beauty of the spring blossom.

2, the new crown to fight pneumonia emergency teams rush to the rescue Anyang. Work together to overcome the difficulties! Bless them, Anyang Come on!

3, virus isolation is not every love, Yimo no mercy.

4, to prevent the epidemic, everyone start, for example, I obediently playing mahjong at home.

5, the face of the epidemic, they would understand: rest of his life, the most important thing is to live as long as life is still, anything! Thing!.

6, together Anyang refueling, God Bless China, Anyang refueling until spring, the epidemic better, I'm going to take a look at the cherry blossoms.

7, the heart has static gas is difficult, a group of people one way, keep walking together. Anyang Come on, Come on, China

8, as long as the confidence and solidarity, scientific control, precision Shi policy, we will be able to win the epidemic prevention and control warfare.

9, love nature, cherish life. I hope that this epidemic can make shallow we understand that these should not be just a slogan.

10, Take away love and our earth is turned into a tomb.

11, from me, no dinner, no plot has gather, practical action to fight the new pneumonia!

12, sometimes just think, my previous life is the product of how much blessing in this life can be born in China ah

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