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What is the meaning of the seven killing?

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Among the literary works reserved, there are many themes of many books. People like this mysterious and mysterious thing. The ancients believe that when a person comes from his own life, he can avoid ominous things. The native said that he is thinking that you want your own life, you must know your eight-character pattern.

What is seven kill?

Seven kills also called the official. The ancient Chinese star thinks is the extremely fierce. Although the name is culogue, it is true that there is a great reduction, and there is a big achievement. The seven kills are mostly, because the phenomenon of the seven kill is strong, perseverance, ambition, and courage. It's a lot of beauty, and more than seven. The cover is controlled, and it is used as it. If the big hero is a big hero, it is difficult to control, and there is a party, it is shocking the merits, and it is neglected. This king will save more than seven. Such as: A wood is born in Shen Yuegeng, and herbi is born in Yue Yue Jin Jin. Daughter is in the moon, and Gengjin is born in the moon. Xin Jin lived in the afternoon, and Wang Shuisheng was pumed from the moon. It can constitute seven. Kill.

Seven killing good luck

The good and murderer of seven kickers is the best, and there is a gentleman; There is an authority, and there is a dangerous abdomen. One kill is best, for example, a seven kills a god-fighting, let it kill. But because the killing star is a fierce god, so "Yi Tang is not pleased", that is, people like this ordered, to avoid the disaster. The seven kills of the day, most of them are easy to have a strong sense of character, striving to win, temper, and thus caught up. But if there is a constraint, it is otherwise true.

The three structures of seven killing

1, seven killed Wang; the body is too much, for pressure. Weak killing and no help but poor.

2, seven kills are dried; many more fierce, fierce gods, should not be too exposed.

3, the blade is heavy, the seven killed is light and easy to be stripped, afraid of being gram, and the sheep blade is not a seven killer; this is the sick weight, but also the drug is easy to lose

The loss caused itself, so it is not an excellent structure.