real teen faith

Several bon children? Why is the religious metaphysics?

real teen faith real teen faith

Many boy sings people have people love, but they are weak, and they are all uncomfortable, and they have a lot of uncomfortable, and they have a big argument. What is a boy? This article specializes in explaining.

A lot of big achievements in Doumen Buddha is a boy. For the birth of a boy in the first day, the boy is going to shoot a tire. This class is called "Heavenly Boy".

There is also a big proportion, there is a big proportion of the boy who has been in the Taoist temple. It is very difficult to repair because of the past life, and it will be greatly opened, and some are easy to be attached to the attachment or the sky. This class is also called "temple boy son".

There is still a short life, and there is a painful or dying. It is a child's lifetime, and the money debt is not returned. This class is called "because of the boy".

The above is also called "real boy". The biggest blessing of the real boy is not overwhelming.

In the end, there is a "birthday boy": the mysterious born eight characters with boy star, also known as "fake boy". Although it is called a fake boy, it is a lot of trouble, but there is no real boy's Ford. It is easy to have accidents, marriage is unfavorable (the marriage is difficult, the husband and wife is not harmonious), the body is not asking, rushing to worry, the fortune, and some are also practiced or converted to Daomen Buddha. The nature is also called "boy son".

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