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It is a rabbit man and a monkey marriage and a woman who has a good job.

real teen faith real teen faith

The best thing in the feelings is too married, and those who like people are marriage is the best thing in life, and it is also important to match the genus in marriage. It is relatively large for the two people's influence. Zodiac rabbit The boy and the girl who have zodiac monkeys, whether such two people live together?

Is it a woman who belongs to the rabbit?Life is not bored, the optimistic psychology of both sides makes them work together to take others. You are a couple of joy. Her self-confidence, intelligent wit, like challenge, don't like to be bound, the opposite sex is good; and your feelings are rich, good, but also more sensitive, very sensitive, very cherish your feathers, will not easily express true emotions, not safe Feel strong. At the beginning, both sides had good feelings, but the difference between the values, the difference is displayed, and noisy is hard to blend. If the two have to communicate long-term, she has to receive a payment, and you should be less picking, which is better for the development of each other.

Bunny and a monkey female marriage index: 70%The boy and a monkey of the rabbits are medium in love index. At the beginning, both sides have a good feeling, but the difference between the values, the difference is difficult to integrate. The man is easy to be angry because of the excessive self-assault and publicity of the woman, and the woman can't stand the guild's count. In short, you are a couple of joyful families that are easy to attack each other. Two people seem to have seen the other party to pass through, but always like to catch the other party's shortcomings. You are very real, pay attention to the material foundation, when the values ​​are inconsistent, your relationship will crack, usually in the feelings, you can just see the shortcomings of others.

What is the bunny and a monkey woman?In fact, there is a rabbit man and a monkey and a monkey, there is a certain number of similarity in each other, and there is a certain similarity in the personality level. It is only more self and active, and more in the feelings. Strong, this also makes a monkey and a little lack of sense, and there will be some reservations for this feeling. At the same side of the monkey, it will also choose the other party's attention because of guessing the true thoughts of the rabbit man. In fact, if there is less test, less routine, so for you The development of feelings is better.