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God of Wealth: Spring Festival is the first month of the card

real teen faith real teen faith

When the Spring Festival came to Fuyun to the day of the Spring Festival, we gathered together with the most pro to play with the card to sing the most cheerful song. I wish the Spring Festival together to come to us. When you play cards, you will have a good luck. Now let's take a look, the Spring Festival is playing cards, where is the wind, the wind, the direction of the fortune?

Fortune analysis

Everyone likes to have a good fortune, but the fortune is not on himself every day. The phase is said, seeing fortune from the face, first of all, we must know which places are related to the fisherman. A person's wealth is closely related to his face, and there is a twelve palace. It affects the palace of the fortune. It mainly looks at the position between the nose and the eyebrow. This is because the nose represents the financial temple, while the eyebrows are Tian House Palace, from the face, we must see the forehead, the forehead is also called the tiage, the heavens are full, representing this person is a rich person, if the forehead is on the forehead, it means this person's ancestral business, there is a certain family Background, can be rich in a family. So we should treat others with a good harmonious face every day, increase the fortune.

God of Wealth

The flow of the year is not fixed, and each year will change with the change of the flying star of Jiugong. Entering the Spring Festival, the orientation of the eight-white Zuodian star and a white greedy Wolf star is the orientation of God. Mado Star flew in the northwest, a white greedy Wolf Mercury flew to the northeast, so there were two financial positions in the Spring Festival. The main financial position is the northwest position of the eight Bai Star. So this year, these two or the office must have a good job in promoting the work of home furnishings. Therefore, we must always pay attention to the orientation of the God of Wealth to know how to improve our fortune.

Win money small coup

Liang will be the process of finding contradictions. Be sure to learn how to find a method of finding a card between the replications between the brand and the card. Playing mahjong needs to pay attention to door-to-door. People who play mahjong need to find Ma Yun according to their own conditions, such as social status, etc., only so, can play mahjong. Listen to the gun: Love the cards such a mentality, and the lucky psychology is not much. And play cards need us to have patience, I believe that we will become a person who wants to become, believe in yourself!