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What is the constellation from August 15, 1995

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Guan Causa 1995.9.9 Virgin August 24th to September 23, Master Planet: Mercury Attribute: The Basic Personality of Human Born Different 10 ° Households: Birth: September 3 to September 12 CharacterFeatures: Have a long ambition, professional beliefs, pragmatic spirit will help you continue to make progress in work and learning.Naturally, it is available.Serious and serious, there is a sense of responsibility and sense of obligation, but there are some deepecies.You like diligence and thrift, have a conditional, in order to improve the economic situation.Source of power: Responsibility Summer September 22 birthday.August 23 to September 22 spent!So you are a virgin ~ buddy, now press the prism to calculate!Lunar calendar August 15, 1995 is the September 9th, the same year, is a virgin.Virgin