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2022, 2, Huangdao Ji Japan, Ji Japan

real teen faith real teen faith

For personal development, 90% care, then from time to time in every day, it will find that at the choice of time, choose a Ji, will give people Bring a positive impact, but if you choose a murder, it will make people 'more affected, which will make people's development.

February 2, 2022, Yellow calendar [历] February 2, 2022, Wednesday

[阴 阴] January 20120

[冲 煞] 冲龙 (Geng Chen) 北

[神] Kitchen stoves outside the northwest

[Peng Zu Hundred Arms] Cairi will not eat dogs to blame the bed

[Sitting] Wall (Wall Wall)

[神 宜】] Tiande is in the four-phase 犬 六 六 合 合 青 青 青 青 月 月

[神 神 忌】 大 大 大 大 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离

[Value God] Qinglong (Huang Dao Day)

[Yi] moving, marriage, led, travel, engagement, travel, pray, sacrifices, marriage, Nathan, migration

[忌] open, start, power, open, break

From the perspective of the 12th Value of the Qing Dynasty, this day, the Gods Qinglong, on 2 February 2022.

When the day is analyzed today [23-1 points] Rushing Hummer, Huazhong, Huaimon, Tianlun, Sixth Tians, Fuxing

Should: seeking money to see Guardian

Avoid: to build a migration of migration

Ugly [1-3] 冲 羊 东 时 东 癸 未 未 日 元 元 元 元 元 元 元 元: 元::: 人: 元 元 元 元 元 财 财 财 财 财 财 财 财 财 财


寅 寅 [3-5 points] Monkey 北 时 甲 甲 地 兵 三 三 长 长:::: 嗣 嗣 嗣 嗣 嗣 嗣

Avoid: Building an electric

时 [5-7 points] rushing chicken, squirrel


Chen time [7-9] rushed to the south of the Guanfu Bande Yue:


Time [9-11 points] rushing pigs, the earth, the road, the sky, the road, the road, the sky: seeking money to see the big marriage marriage to the home, burying the city, burying, building, migration

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